When the Queen smiles…

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We’re used to seeing a serious Queen. But what is she thinking when she smiles? Or even laughs.

My sense of inferiority tells me she’s scoffing at her humble subjects.

I like her. I don’t know her but I think she must have difficult things to do and duties none of us would take on. So that’s that out of the way.

But… I see her smile and feel awful about myself.

Is she thinking, ‘Hah, you scruffy little people. You’ve done your best but you still look deprived dear.’ Worse, when I see her with other family members, my feeling of being a creepy crawlie increases.

The image that inspired this was in The Evening Standard. The article told us how she was delegating tasks to other, younger family members.

She and Camilla and Charles (why can I use their first names and not hers? More echoes of my peasant roots…) were together seemingly sharing a hilarious joke (us?)

She mocks and laughs and has endless jokes about the lives we lead and our histories.

“My ‘Dad was a king. Top that!”
Hearty laughs.
“Did you know that those people” pointing to us from her balcony “call McDonalds a restaurant?”
Chortle chortle. (I’m with her on that one mind you…)
“Charles… Charlie…” catching her breath in between fits of laughter “I’ve just found out that lady blogger on WordPress has never had a book published. Ever. But” (suffocating on laughter “listen to this. She gives herself the title of writer!”

Collapses in heap on gold-buttoned chair and calls for butler to bring her something with a French name. “Canapés, petit fours, a baguette with jambon et fromage… Don’t mind…”

She reclines and wipes her eyes. She decides that everyone is to speak French for the rest of the day.

Makes her sound like a scornful character that has no understanding of ordinary people. I’m willing to put aside the fact that she got her position through mass murder, trickery and the sheer bossiness of her ancestors. I still like her.

We demote royals to pop snack names like ‘Wills and Kate’: we don’t do that to HRH.

Why? Because we fear being beheaded. Well I do. She is still the Queen.

These are my closing thoughts. Let’s keep our Queen stony faced. Serious, glum even. Let’s not urge her to smile, giggle or laugh. And especially not with other royals. We may think her sulky but the alternative is so much worse.

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